Las Vegas Desert Knights Concept Branding

Las Vegas Desert Knights Branding Concept NHL Expansion Team Kurt Codes

Las Vegas Desert Knights Branding

Now that the NHL has approved the Expansion of the Western Conference To Include Las Vegas, there is a ton of buzz surrounding the newly found NHL franchise.

Initially it was reported that the team was on a sure path to trademarking their name and handling its management business, in hiring and looking to trademark the teams nicknames. While the management has panned out (so far) their naming rights have been another Story.

Initially looking to trademark the Black Knights and few other names, however along the line these names have hit a snag in ownership rights.

Since this development beat writers for CBSsports Hockey, and have reported that the Las Vegas franchise has looked into trademarking the Vegas Desert Knights, and the Vegas Silver Knights.

When I found this out this sent my mind going crazy. There are so many options to accompany a team name. Just as the winged wheel defines Detroit it is important to choose a logo and brand your team with a brand mark that will timelessly define your brand. Check out my take on The Las Vegas Desert Knights.


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