T-Town Talk Episode 1: Finatics Season Kickoff

Today I bring you something special Winged Octopus viewers! Last Wednesday the Toledo Walleye held their first season ticket holders event of the year, the Finatics Season Kickoff! During the Kickoff season ticket holders, myself included, were able to sample new foods and vote on upcoming promotions. The culmination of the night included the unveiling of new jerseys for the 2016-17 campaign, as well as a Q&A session with Head Coach Dan Watson, Associate Head Coach Andy Delmore, and Walleye forwards A.J. Jenks, Shane Berschbach, Evan Rankin, and Michael Leone. During the night I was able to briefly interview former Walleye Captain turned broadcaster Kyle Rogers, as well as ask questions to the panel mentioned earlier. Since it was a very populated event, the interview with Rogers has a considerable amount of background noise. However, you are easily able to understand both Kyle and myself.

Interview with Kyle Rogers:

I asked Kyle Rogers three questions:

What will be the Walleye’s biggest challenge this year?

How do you think Toledo will handle their goaltender scenario?

How does Toledo recover from a first round playoff exit last season?

I was quite nervous during this interview as it was my first one, but Kyle is absolutely fantastic to talk to and interact with. A great guy with an excellent playing career, very knowledgeable and down to earth as well. The rest of the night’s questions and interactions are broken up between three different videos. The first one will be the announcement of Tyler Sikura returning to the Walleye for the coming season by Coach Watson, unfortunately I was unable to capture the entire announcement.

Tyler Sikura is a very important member of the Walleye forward core, tallying 48 points over the course of last season. Sikura is entering his second professional season, so Toledo is looking to Tyler to grow into a top 2 line role. For the Q&A session I began by first directing a question at Coach Watson, then following it up with a question for the the entire panel.

Finally I capped off the night by asking Coach Delmore a quick question about his coaching career, and he took me slightly by surprise with his rather humorous answer.

All in all it was extremely fun night for myself and all the other season ticket holders for the Walleye. We got to mingle and interact with the players in a way that’s not very common in the NHL, as there was a lot of time for one on one interaction. GameStop was at the event with NHL 17, so fans had the opportunity to take on the Walleye forwards in the game. Turns out the forwards are pretty good at scoring goals in the virtual rink as well. There is another event October 5th for Finatics members, I hope to conduct more interviews at this event as well. Hope you enjoyed the first installment of  T-Town Talk, see you next time! Let’s Go Walleye!


Evan Rankin, A.J. Jenks, and Michael Leone all playing NHL 17 with the fans during the Finatics Season Kickoff event.

All videos are from my YouTube channel, and proper credit is contained within each video description. The final picture is my own property.

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