A Look at the First Ten Games

Throughout the first 10 games, the Wings start off the season with a record of 6-4. This included a six game win streak that was ended on Saturday with a lost to the Boston Bruins. Like many other teams, the Wings have their struggle, but they are also beginning to show what makes them great. The main problems that concerns the Wings mostly involves defense and over passing the puck. Some other things that the team is doing great are players stepping up and actually scoring goals.

The team’s defense can go either way, they are phenomenal throughout the game or they could be awful and letting the simplest goal go right through goaltenders Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard. Jonathan Ericsson always seems to be one of the problem, but the others can be held accountable as well. Sometimes it is Mrazek or Howard’s fault if it is a simple bounce off goal like the Florida Panthers’ first goal on Sunday, but who was watching him? No one. Ericsson always over skates the player or something the whole team will be bunched together like a herd of lost sheep. This can simply be fixed just by spreading out an actually watching the player they need to defend and the team can probably get something going.

Another problem involves over passing. For some reason the Wings just love to pass the puck around like a game of keep away rather than actually shooting at the net. On Sunday against the Panthers, the Wings did out shoot the team 36-24, but during previous games, the team keeps passing it back causing turnovers leading the other team to a scoring chance. Some players, like Gustav Nyquist, will take the puck and have the perfect opportunity to try and score a goal, but instead passes it to the player next to them.  Sometimes there are times they cannot simply make shot past the players in front of them, but they have chances where it is wide open and they do not even attempt to make a single shot.

One thing that is working out for the team are that some players are stepping up this season and doing their job. Darren Helm leads the team this season of plus/minuses with a plus 10 and had started the season off with four goals in the first five games and tied for second in the team for point along with Mike Green. Another player, who is mostly underrated is Luke Glendening. Yes, he is on the fourth line and he may not score many goals, but he was put on that line to be a grinder and not a goal scorer which is overlooked by many people. The new addition of Tomas Vanek shows that he can help the Wings and having the line of him, Helm, and Nyquist truly brings the best of that line. Danny Dekeyser steps up for the Wings while Niklas Kronwall is still out for his injury and proves that he can be in a leadership role in the defense area. Overall, some players may be slacking, but for the ones starting off hot in the very first 10 of the season shows that they can actually do something.

As the season goes on, will things change tonight against the Flyers with passing and defense or will we see that later on in the season? Will other players begin to do what they do best or continue to be in the current situation they are in now? Thankfully, it is only the beginning of the season and only time will tell what will happen these next 10 games with the Wings.

Picture souce: http://www.wbur.org/news/2014/04/18/bruins-nhl-playoffs-detroit


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