Q&A W/ Rabid Habs

The Red Wings visit the red hot and division leading Montreal Canadiens for an Atlantic Division showdown. We had a chance to talk with Olivia from Rabid Habs to get the low down on the Canadiens and preview Saturday night’s game.

The Habs have gotten off to a hot start this season. What can you say are some contributing factors to the 12-1-1 start?

A few factors are very significant to our start. A healthy Price is amazing and can win us games we may not necessarily deserve to win. Montoya is playing well minus the game against Columbus and he’s a reliable veteran goalie we’ve been looking for the past few years. Players like Paul Bryon, Jeff Petry, Phillip Danault, Alexander Radulov, and Torrey Mitchell have really impressed me so far this season. We have more than just the top line scoring . Also leadership was acquired in the off season which was huge and desperately needed after last seasons crumble.

What player (Not named Carey Price) has been a huge difference maker for this Montreal Team?

Shea Weber definitely. You just see the guys leadership, toughness, and his hockey IQ which is what we desperately needed.  I would also throw in Byron, and Mitchell into this also; they have been huge for us.

What could you say are some strengths and weaknesses on this team?

Strengths are we have a lot more offense that we’ve been dying for the last few seasons . We gained the leadership we’ve desperately needed. Bringing in Muller was needed for our PP which has been insignificant the last few seasons. Weaknesses are the defensive game . I see a lot of errors being made when there shouldn’t be on a defensively play . They struggle to play the entire 60 minutes some games which is unacceptable. In doing this, results in depending on Price too much. Yes, having an elite goalie is huge and can win you games, but you can see at times they have the ability to be more than just Carey Price and average team in front of him.

Alexander Radlov came into the season with a lot of questions. So far he’s second on the team in points. What do you think of his production and can he keep this up?

He’s got amazing chemistry with Alex Galchenyuk and these two are producing most nights. They are constantly speaking Russian to each other and no one can understand but it’s working. As long as they stay together, I believe he can definitely keep it up.

Coming into this game. What are some “under the radar” players that Red Wings fans should keep an eye on?

Byron, Mitchell, Danault, And Carr.

What could you say are keys to Saturday’s game?

Playing a whole 60 minutes and being on top of their defensive game for sure.

In stead of doing the same old predict the score. Give us maybe two bold prediction for the game Saturday.

Paul Byron will impress you with his speed and get a short handed breakaway opportunity, and the refs will piss off both fanbases.

We would like to thank Olivia for joining us for this article. You can follow her on twitter @HabsIsLifee

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