Want to be a Good Detroit Red Wings fan? Here’s some of my tips!



Lets be honest. This isn’t a great year to be a Detroit Red Wings fan. The power play is horrendous, the over all play isn’t a good showing and the thing that sucks the most is this team isn’t even that fun to watch as of late. Nobody knows the direction of this team. With the team performing poorly lately….it tends to bring out the worst in all of us. This fanbase has so many great fans in it, but when your team has been successful for over 25 years you’re bound to get a few bad apples. Some people just love to start an argument over every single thing whenever this team loses. Hell, this team can win and people still just want to do nothing but try and tell others how to be a proper fan.

Do you need help becoming a proper Detroit Red Wings fan? If so you’ve came to the right article. I’m going to break down just a FEW examples of just exactly what you need to do or say now when someone within our fanbase calls you out. After reading this don’t ever feel like you are a ‘Bad Red Wings fan’ ever again…..because these are very simple rules to follow.


How to be a Good Red Wings Fan (when we lose):unknown

  1. NEVER BLAME JEFF BLASHILL (I mean its his second year….its not the coach’s fault at all. He can’t help it that Ken Holland stuck him with this team!)
  2. NEVER BLAME KEN HOLLAND (Are you really going to question arguably the best GM in the NHL over the past 20+ years?)
  3. NEVER BLAME THE PLAYERS (They’re showing so much heart out there…its not Ericsson’s fault that the puck just slides by him while he is out there gazing upon the bright lights of the Arena)
  4. ALWAYS BLAME GLENDENING (He’s only one guy on this team but you MUST ALWAYS remember no matter how many times Tatar or Nyquist, two guys that were bonafide 20 or more goal scorers a couple years back screw up none of this matters. Blame the guy that isn’t supposed to score more than 10 goals for us of course! Damn him…..
  5. BLAME PETR MRAZEK (He’s having a rough season…..and when he lets in those pucks it just hurts to watch. I mean does he think he’s Jimmy Howard of last year?)
  6. BUT ALSO BLAME JIMMY HOWARD (He just keeps getting hurt….and when he lets in a puck the whole entire fanbase wants him traded ASAP! We just can’t deal anymore!)
  7. BLAME THE OFFICIALS! (I mean it’s Detroit vs Everybody duh) 
  8. WAIT BLAME JEFF BLASHILL? (Yeah what I said up there ^^^…..just never mind)
  9. TOTALLY OKAY TO BLAME OUR GM NOW (Ken Holland this isn’t the 90’s what are you doing to this team? Are we going with youth or veteran presence? Make up your mind!)
  10. ………ALWAYS….and I mean ALWAYS……Blame Chicago. Blackhawks Suck! 🙂



DISCLAIMER: This is not the official set of rules of how to be a good red wings fan. This is only a standard test run. Approach these rules with caution. Keep out of reach of other fans. Results may vary……….

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