Is Brad Marchand becoming a danger in the NHL?


Picture by: GlobalSportsCentre.

He’s a pest. He’s gritty. He plays on the edge. If that is how any hockey fan would describe Brad Marchand they wouldn’t be totally wrong. However there is a fine line when it comes to playing with physicality and playing down right dirty. Marchand is having one hell of a season, with 21 goals and 30 assists in 53 games. He was most recently named to the 2017 NHL All Star team where he took part of the fun and joyous festivities. Prior to the all star game though, Brad Marchand had a hearing with the NHL’s Department of Players Safety for a nasty SLEW FOOT on Detroit Red Wings Defenseman Niklas Kronwall.



I personally felt like one game would have been fair considering how the Player’s Safety board is usually lenient when handing out disciplines towards players. Even though Brad Marchand has a history of cheap shots I still just said to myself “Okay if they give him one game, I’ll be satisfied.” But then the Department of Players Safety decided to give the ultimate joke of a ‘punishment’. A measly $10,000 fine was all that Marchand had to pay, which left many fans (especially us red wings fans) pretty damn confused and angry.

The Brad Marchand saga didn’t stop there though. Instead, during a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning Marchand decided to pull more of his antics. This time the victim was Anton Stralman, and AGAIN he blantantly slew footed him.


Now fans were in an uproar and many hockey experts even said they for sure thought Marchand was really going to ‘get it’ this time from the Players Safety. That is until Elliot Friedman tweeted out that again, no supplementary discipline would be handed out to Brad Marchand. This time NHL fans from everywhere gave the Department of Players Safety a piece of their mind.


If the NHL’s Players Safety refuses to take real action on Brad Marchand, other players might. Regardless if that’s “right or wrong” to say as a hockey fan, this could result in Marchand getting some form of payback or vengeance from other opposing players on the Ice. Is that what the NHL wants? Or is the Department of Players Safety just going to turn a blind eye and ignore the dirty unwarrented antics continue until some player ends up getting seriously hurt? Something needs to change or else the latter will happen sooner rather than later.


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