From California to Joe Louis Arena


As we say farewell to Joe Louis Arena, I figured I’d share my memory about the Joe. For those who know me, I’m a west coast guy, born and raised. I’ve only attended games out in California, Arizona, and recently Colorado. Late October I managed to make my first and long awaited trip to Detroit, Michigan for a game. Walking up to the Joe felt like magic. I’ve been to a few sporting events in my life, however nothing matched that feeling like walking up the steps and entering JLA.

I’ve been to a good amount of Wings games out west, but I’ve never been so welcomed like I have at Joe Louis Arena. The people there made me feel like I was at home even though it was my first and only trip. Walking through the concourse seeing the Gordie Howe statue as well as the Ted Lindsay statue, made things feel so surreal. The arena itself was also very surreal. Just being in awe looking up at the banners of past Red Wings Stanley Cups, conference championships, and numbers of former greats hanging over the ice and above your head will make you speechless. Yes the arena looks old, but it I couldn’t help but be amazed. You can even ask fellow Winged Octopus writer, Kayla. I felt like a little kid inside of a toy store.


I’ve seen Joe Louis Arena on TV many times, but I’ve never had the chance to be in that atmosphere up until that late October night. It was too fun and made me want to return that next night for more, even though the team didn’t play too well. Leaving the Joe I didn’t think about the loss or the performance, I kept thinking about finally being inside of Joe Louis Arena. It may have not had all the glitz and glamor that Little Cesar’s Arena will bring or that other arenas may currently have, but it does have history.

Finally meeting long time friends, catching up with those whom I’ve met that came to Cali, catching a Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena did it for me as a fan. I may have made one trip to The Joe, but I’m going to miss it, I’m going to miss the old school feel of the arena. Farewell to The Joe and thank you for being such a great host for this guy from California.

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