Lasting Memories: Thank You Detroit, Thank You Joe Louis Arena

Here are some of our thoughts and favorite memories as the 2017 season has come to a close for the Detroit Red Wings.

Kayla (@kayluvsredwings):

The Detroit Red Wings season may be over….but their legacy will live on. After watching the emotional historical last game ever played at the Joe Louis Arena, the overwhelming support this team got from the fans in attendance and fans at home was simply breathtaking. It was like a perfect ending to a fairy tale….even though you’d think this teams streak ending would be anything but  a fairy tale.

Let’s face it….this team isn’t what it used to be. The defense is absent, the forwards are okay but very inconsistent and well put goaltending is pretty solid. That’s one upside. But the team last night played their hearts out. Zetterberg scored a goal in his 1,000 career game. And the highlight of the night was not only winning their last game ever at the Joe but Riley Sheahan, who has gone all year long without one goal…finally scoring a goal and then ANOTHER one afterwards. Fans celebrated along with the players and Sheahan as if we won the Stanley Cup. Sure we didn’t, but we did win something that night. We won back hope.

This team may have flaws but it’s the Red Wings. So we miss the playoffs. Once after 26 consecutive years. So what? It’s one year. The Wings will be back. And they’ll be back stronger than they’ve been in a long time.


Michael (@MC_Scott51): 

Although our time at Joe Louis Arena is at an end, many fantastic memories have been made at The Joe.

My first Red Wings game in Detroit was on March 30th, 2014 for my birthday. That was the same game that Gus Nyquist scored one of the most incredible goals I have ever seen, when he was hooked on a breakaway and still proceeded to score from the goal line after banking the puck off Ben Bishop. The Wings ended up winning 3-2, and I was able to sing Journey with the crowd for the first time.

In September I was able to participate in the first Hockeytown 5K, where I ran my first 5K and got to meet Red Wing legends Larry Murphy and Alex Delvecchio. Meeting fellow blogmate Trav was also a highlight of the day!

Perhaps the greatest memory I have at the Joe was attending opening night at the start of the season. Prior to the farewell tour I had never been to a home opener, so I made sure to experience it at The Joe while I still could. From player introductions to the electric atmosphere, opening night won’t soon be forgotten in my mind.

Now to experience another one in Little Caesars Arena in the coming years!

Tanner (@theothertswift): 

I have mixed feelings as the season has drawn to a close. I am disappointed that the streak has ended, but if there is any time for it to end, it’s now.

My favorite memories from the playoff streak and the Wings time at the Joe include the 2002 and 2008 Stanley Cups (’09 still haunts me to this day). It is mostly because I can remember where I was and what I was doing at the time, but it creates a forever lasting memory. I am grateful for this past Sunday’s #Farewell2TheJoe. Had the Wings made the playoffs, Joe Louis Arena would never have gotten the respect that it rightfully deserved. Seeing players come back for the final game at the Joe literally made me tear up. Remembering the greats and celebrating the times NEVER gets old, it’s therapeutic.

As a fan, I just wanted to say thank YOU Detroit. You were the ones that gave us a reason to cheer over the years. To cry, to laugh, to celebrate, we experienced it all in 25 straight postseason appearances. We were there through 1,133 wins, 6,518 goals, 170 wins, six conference championships, six presidents’ trophies, and four cups.

I look forward to the new memories that we will create in Little Caesars Arena and the future of this hockey team. I can’t wait to experience that winning feeling once again.

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