Red Wings Should Take A Look At Darryl Sutter?

The Los Angeles Kings made headlines by cleaning house. The announced the firing of head coach Darryl Sutter and General Manager Dean Lombardi Monday afternoon after the team missed the playoffs for the second time in 3 seasons.

With Sutter on the open market, there’s one team who should make a huge push at him. I think you get where I’m going with this one. Your very own Detroit Red Wings.

I may get some heat for this, but hear me out here. Earlier in the season, I wrote an article about how the Wings should give their current head coach Jeff Blashill another year, however ever since that article Blashill hasn’t helped his cause. At that time I said that there are no top level head coaches available to replace Jeff Blashill nor anticipated that one would be free by the off-season. Let me be the first to change my stance on this by saying this is a guy who you should get to replace Jeff Blashill. Yes he’s in the second year of his NHL coaching career and the Wings missing the playoffs isn’t completely his fault, however this is a team that needs someone behind the bench with NHL experience and can bring the most out of the players. The past two seasons saw Detroit trend backwards under Jeff Blashill. If a change is going to be made then Darryl Sutter is the guy Ken Holland should bring in.


Will Ken Holland make the move to let go of Blashill to bring in Darryl Sutter?

There are a few things Red Wings want to keep in mind here.  The team will be moving into the brand new Little Caesars Arena next season and for marketing purposes, the Wings will want to put a competitive team on the ice which will fill up the arena. Another thing to keep in mind is that Ken Holland has one more year left on his contract. This has an impact because as of late Holland has taken more steps backwards than forwards as of late. While this won’t really undo all the mistakes that has handicapped the Wings from a cap perspective, replacing Blashill for Sutter would likely buy him some time depending on the results.

Darryl Sutter won’t instantly make the Red Wings a Stanley Cup contender as there are some flaws that need to be addressed on this roster, however Sutter could get the most out of this team when it comes to toughness. Having watched the Kings under Sutter for 6 seasons, he’s a guy Detroit needs behind the bench. Yes, Jeff Blashill is still there and currently is the Wings head coach and it’s expected that he’ll return as head coach, but there is a top notch head coach on the market with plenty of NHL experience and 2 Stanley Cups under his belt. If Chris Ilitch and Ken Holland are as competitive as they say they are then this would be the best move to make.

3 thoughts on “Red Wings Should Take A Look At Darryl Sutter?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sutter, dating all the way back to ’04 when he took a garbage Flames team all the way to the finals, completely turning around their franchise. In LA, it was the same type of scenario. When the Kings were struggling, they fired their coach mid-season and brought in Sutter. And they won the cup that year. If there is any guy that can turn the wings back into a cup contender overnight, It would be Darryl Sutter. You talk about getting the most out of your guys. Blashill does not do that. Tatar, Nyquist, and our goalie Petr Mrázek were supposed to be these all-star players that would replace our past veterans. However, when Coach Mike Babcock left for Toronto, these players have taken steps backwards. And I fear that same will happen to Mantha, double A, and Larkin. I fear that Blashil will not push their game to the next level to be elite players. I think that hiring Sutter as head coach could help these guys out a lot and potentially make up for all of Ken Holland’s disastrous choices of late. I think we’re just talking to talk tough, as Holland is too complacent to do anything radical. He’ll stay with Blashill and we’ll have a mediocre team for the next 5 years before he decides if Blashill’s the right fit. Holland is too afraid to step on people’s toes. That’s why Hockeytown is in the shape its in.


  2. Couldn’ t agree more.The fanbase is a lot more passionate about the Wings than current management.I fear these clowns will trade either AA or Mantha for an ‘ elite’ defenseman


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