On Cinco de Mayo, Find out what current NHL All star has Hispanic Pride.

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    Photo by Sarah McClellan: azcentral.com 


Auston Matthews growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona…became one of the best NHL players in the 2016/2017 season. Before having a stellar playoff performance he had 40 goals and an outstanding 69 points at the end of the regular season. He is without a doubt the poster boy of USA hockey, something that us American hockey fans constantly bring up despite him playing for a Canadian team. Where he grew up however still comes as a shock to many fans…considering Arizona isn’t exactly ‘known for hockey’. Arizona has however continued to provide numerous opportunities for kids growing up inspiring to become future hockey players. Many people dedicate their lives to ensure young girls and boys have opportunities to play a sport like hockey all around the state. 

BUT, did you know current Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews is not only from Arizona…..but he also happens to be Mexican American? That’s right. His mother, Ema, is from Hermosillo, Mexico. And according to this article from ESPN  she makes some delicious Tortilla soup! 

Let’s face it. There isn’t many NHL players that have Mexican heritage. But hockey IS FOR EVERYBODY. Maybe Auston Matthews having a Hispanic mother won’t magically change the number of future players up and coming that aren’t Hispanic. Yet as a fan, it is something hopeful to think about for the future of this league. Everyone deserves to enjoy this amazing sport we love. So while we celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, let’s also celebrate the fact that if one kid with Mexican heritage can play in the NHL….then it is possible that others will follow suit. 

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