What team is best for the National Hockey League to play the Nashville Predators?


Here at Winged Octopus, two of our writers were asked one simple question. What Stanley Cup Final would be better for the NHL? 


Kenny: The Nashville Predators have already won the Western Conference, making it to their first Stanley Cup Final. The question now is what would be the best matchup for them? With game 7 coming up between the Senators and Penguins, what is better for the NHL? A Senators win or a Penguins win?

The Red Wings fan in me wants to say that a Predators-Senators matchup would be best because screw the Penguins. However, in terms of what is best for the NHL, it would be best if the Penguins win. The Penguins are a better-known team and would help bring in viewers. Even more so considering that the Penguins are trying to become the first team to win back-to-back Cups since the Red Wings in 1997-98. In terms of money, the Penguins are probably a bigger market than the Senators. If I am the league, it would be in my best interest for the Penguins to win game 7.

From a fans perspective, I think it would be fun to watch two teams that have not been in the finals since 2007 for the Senators and ever for the Predators. It would shake things up a bit from the recent Penguins/Blackhawks control. To have two underdog teams in the finals would go to show just how unpredictable playoff hockey truly is.


Kayla: I would say the best final overall for the NHL would honestly be a Nashville Predators/ Ottawa Senators matchup. Before anybody jumps to conclusions and think “Well of course a Red Wings fan wouldn’t want Pittsburgh in the finals” give this a thought and hear me out.

First of all, we all know Nashville is moving on to the SCF for the first time in history. And undoubtly whoever they do end up meeting…..whether it’d be the Pittsburgh Penguins or Ottawa Senators they are going to face the BEST and most deserving team in the eastern conference.  Why do I think the Predators playing the Senators for Lord Stanley would be better for the NHL? There’s a few reasons.

Yes. We all know Pittsburgh brings in the ratings therefore the NHL and most notably NBC can sleep comfortable at night knowing the Penguins advanced to the finals. My biggest issue here is how does the NHL know that a Predators/Senators SCF WOULDN’T bring in the ratings though? The network NBC has constantly played up the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins by showing their games the most on their stations year after year. If you want to grow the sport of hockey you cannot just keep playing the same teams over and over again on television. Soon there will be no more ‘new’ fans to try and reach because the fans being reached out to get bored after a while. I am not saying if Pittsburgh does advance it will be bad for the sport but it would be nice and refreshing to see some new blood on the airwaves.

My second reason I’d say the Ottawa Senators facing off against the Predators would be better for the NHL is simply because it is two teams that have never won the Stanley Cup facing off against each other. The last time this has happened in a cup final was back in 2007 when ironically the Ottawa Senators played a hard battle against the Anaheim Ducks (The Ducks obviously being victorious).

So 10 years later here we are….we might get another shot at seeing two amazing determined teams that have never won the greatest trophy in the world, Lord Stanley. Nashville has proven to be a hockey town…not just a football town. If Pittsburgh does end up advancing they deserve it and it will be an amazing series. Yet if Ottawa does prevail over the most recent Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins….what is so wrong with giving the average fan something new to look at on tv? Anything to help grow the sport everywhere I would gladly welcome.

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