Possible Datsyuk/Red Wings Reunion?

Could the Magic Man make a return to Detroit? It sure sounds like it.

 During an interview with a Russian news outlet, Championat, Pavel Datsyuk dropped a hint on a possible return to Detroit in the future.

Pavel Datsyuk interview

 Last year Datsyuk decided to leave the NHL and Detroit Red Wings to play in his native country Russia to be closer to his family. Datsyuk signed a two year deal with SKA St Petersberg of the KHL. Detroit would trade his rights to the Arizona Coyotes in last year’s NHL Draft.

  Before we get too excited here, let’s keep a few things in mind here. Datsyuk will be 39 years old once the KHL season starts back up. Once his deal with SKA is done he’ll be 40 going on 41 years old and there’s no telling how Datsyuk will feel both physically and mentally when it comes to playing hockey. Now it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for him to make a return to Detroit. He’s going into the last year of his SKA deal and will be a free agent in the NHL as his current contract expired this past season. This clears the way for him to negotiate a possible deal with the Red Wings.

  If Datsyuk does indeed decide he wants to return to the Red Wings, I bank on it being a one year deal to finish his career with the only team he’s played for in the NHL. Datsyuk never really got the farewell season he properly deserves seeing he left before he could finish out his final year on his NHL contract. A lot could happen between now and the end of next season. Datsyuk didn’t really revel too much on a possible return, but it’s defiantly out there. For now he’s happy with where he is right now and enjoying his time with SKA.

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