Want to play a game? Why I think the NHL needs to get a ‘CLUE’ because they hate a game of ‘Risk’. 

Do you enjoy hockey games? Not just actual hockey games on television every night I mean actual games….trivia/quizzes/mind teasers? If so please stick around because I want to play a game for a minute involving hockey and the NHL in general. 

All I ask is you read these few questions posted and answer them honestly & truthfully to yourself (unless you want to write down your answer nobody’s stopping you!). And don’t worry…..I promise “Jigsaw” isn’t going to pop up behind you and torture you. (We already have Gary BETTMAN so have fun topping that guy,  JIGSAW!). 

Question 1. If you could see into the future and find out one goalie would end up with 401 career wins in 744 games….would you pick that goalie even if you don’t know who he even is or what his name is even?

Keep pretending you can see this SAME goaltender’s future. You even find out he will eventually be 12th all time in wins. And more astonishing he ends up playing 129 career playoff games.

He’s ends up playing for 17 years. Keep that in mind. 

Question 2. In 129 career playoff games, this goaltender ends up winning 74 of them and losing only 49. Would you be impressed?

Question 3. Sticking with the playoffs…..this goaltender ends up with 15 shut outs in those highly stressful playoff games. But neverless this specific goaltender is ranked 4th all time in playoff shut out wins, in the HISTORY of the NHL playoffs. Getting more intrigued? 

Question 4. Not only is he 4th all time in shut outs, but he ends up being listed as  8th in most playoff games a goalie has ever won. 8th! Think about how many NHL goalies have played in the Stanley Cup Playoffs…after all this league has only been around for 100 years….but if you’re still cynical and not sure if you’d pick this goalie to be on on your team, I’ll give you a few more reasons why. Just read them off and ask yourself one final question afterward. 

  • He was a 4 time NHL All Star game goaltender…although he didn’t play in one of them. 
  • He is 11th all time among win percentage leaders. (Interesting tidbit: the goalie ranked at #14, is none other than the legend and one of the greatest goaltenders ever…..Patrick Roy.)
  • He has won the William M Jennings trophy TWICE. 
  • Only 11 times has a goaltender scored an NHL goal themselves…..this goalie is on of them. And he’s also one out of only 6 to actual shoot the puck into the opposing players net….
  • His record? 401 wins, 216 losses, 50 shut outs in 744 GP. 
  • Oh yeah….he also won a Stanley Cup three times. Twice as the starting netminder.      

Now ask yourself this question. Would you take this goalie? Because there’s someone who refuses to take this goaltender after knowing all of these achievements, trophies, statistics. Yup….I’m referring to the ridiculous fraud and bitter organization known as the ‘Hockey Hall of Fame’. They once again snubbed Chris Osgood. 

It’s like no matter what his numbers are, he doesn’t get the credit he should as one of the greatest NHL goaltenders to ever play the game. But he does get the credit from those of us who are night in and night out proud to cheer his name….even still today as an announcer after retiring from the game he loves so much and the game we loved to watch him play. Don’t worry Osgood, Detroit Red Wings fans will always have your back! We are Hockey Town for a reason. And you helped us become one. 

………………………You know nothing, HHOF.

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