Tomas Tatar Future With The Red Wings Seems Foggy

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about Tomas Tatar and the Red Wings. He’s currently a restricted free agent and filed for arbitration last Wednesday which means he cannot receive an offer sheet from other teams. He will at least have a new deal with Detroit by August 4th but his future is looking rather bleak at this moment. Recently Tatar has stated that this would likely be his last year if he is under a one year deal. So far talks have stalled and things are looking rather cloudy with the Red Wings and Tatar.

  Tatar is a consistent 20 goal scorer and for a team that needs help getting the puck into the net. The Red Wings would love to sign Tatar to a long term deal. Most likely he’ll be looking at $5-$6 million a year, which is right for a guy who’s a consistent 20 goal player. Question is can Detroit lock him up long term? Let’s look at the reality of things right now. Detroit has to keep in mind that they have take care of Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha next season as they will be restricted free agents. Not to mention Andreas Athanasiou is still a restricted free agent. Then you have the Petr Mrazek fiasco. His contract is up next season and his performance, as well as his attitude, will determine if he’ll return to Detroit or if Holland will trade him. Tatar getting a long term deal could work, however due to the amount of bad contracts that Detroit has thanks to Ken Holland, they would have to try and move contracts just to make room for Tatar’s contract and sign the rest of their younger free agents.

  Tatar is 26 years old and has reached the 20 goal mark in the last 3 seasons with the Red Wings. Without a doubt he is one of Detroit’s best forwards, however this could go one of two ways. The biggest thing for Detroit would be to get a deal done, however if Tatar get’s a one year deal through arbitration come August 4th then look for the team to try and deal the 26 year old forward once the deadline comes. If it has to come to that then by all means it would be the best for both sides. Detroit can get prospects and draft picks to help the rebuilding process opposed to losing him for nothing and Tatar can play on a team contending for the Stanley Cup.

  The only thing to do is to wait and see what happens going forward. Both Tatar and the Wings are far from striking a deal, so it’s honestly not looking good for Detroit. It wouldn’t shock me to see Detroit just trade Tatar come the deadline if the two can’t strike a deal, but anything can happen between now and then.

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