2017-2018 Season; Make it or Break it?

The 2017-2018 hockey season is creeping up on us, praise Jesus! You can tell NHL news has been at a stand still as of late because there have been numerous articles published more so as click bait to whip Hockeytown fans into a frenzie. This isn’t going to be one of those articles, I promise. I have more of a serious question to ask the Hockeytown faithful, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

We all wish we could just bury last season six feet under and never speak of it again – we literally lost everything that made this organization great, okay that’s a little dramatic but so is this fan base at times so bear with me. But seriously, with the pain and questions last season brought, is this new season important for you to keep your faithfulness to the winged wheel?  

Aside from the playoff streak ending this year, the Wings have not won a first round playoff series since the shortened 2013 season where they beat the Anaheim Ducks in seven games. That season, they lost the second round to the Chicago Blackhawks in game seven.

The Wings have also barely had any playoff success since that 2013 season, only winning a combined five games in those first round loses. You also have to factor in the boys just crossing the finish line to make it to those playoffs from 2014-2016. It’s been a real struggle for the fans to stay as committed as they were ten years ago…which in case you haven’t read or noticed, was the last time our boys hoisted Lord Stanley.

With every successful team, there are going to be bad games. A bad game here and there, that’s okay. What’s not okay? A two week streak of losing five games in a row, getting a random Friday night win and then losing the next three on the road. That seemed to be the trend for the Wings last season.

Despite everything that could and did go wrong last season, we have something to all put a smile on our faces, the new arena! We all can be hopeful that with this being the inaugural season at LCA, that may smooth over some of the bitter feelings we have towards the team’s performance last season. But, a new arena won’t be the saving grace for the team if they play like they have in previous seasons.

Finally, the question you all have been waiting for…

Hockeytown, is this upcoming season a make it or break it season for you as a Red Wings fan?

Let us know what you think!

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