The Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing

As I’m sure most of you noticed on Saturday, Winged Octopus had the honor and privilege to help sponsor the 7th annual Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing ( and This may not seem like a big deal to you now, but I am going to make it my job to help you realize just how important this event is and why you should consider participating next year!

What is the Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing?

The Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing is an annual event to help raise research funds for Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The MDA works to find cures for families in NW Ohio/SE Michigan that are affected by muscle diseases. You can read more about what the event is about and why specifically it was started here: and/or here:

The golf outing brings several hundred people together to help raise money for MDA research. Now this is not your typical golf outing though. No, this is a hockey themed golf outing and at some of the holes they had hockey related events. For example, at the hole I was working one member of each group had one minute to hit all 5 holes as quickly as they could ( No, I’m not joking when I say one person did it in 9 seconds and another in 10, it was incredible. Not all the holes had a hockey theme either. One hole had the golfers wear dresses when they teed off (

Who helps to make this event happen?

The Gulch family is obviously the biggest factor in making the event happen, but sponsors and volunteers help them tremendously. It probably wouldn’t be possible to put on such a big event every year without sponsors and volunteers willing to help the Gulch’s in their endeavors. Sponsors help raise money to make this all possible and without the volunteers it would be impossible to keep everything moving in an orderly manner. Even sports organizations like the Detroit Red Wings ( and the Toledo Walleye ( help with donations and fundraising! This year the event raised roughly $18,500 putting them at just under $100,000 total over the seven years of the event.

Outside of the golf outing, there are other fundraisers for MDA. Labor Day weekend there is an antique car show in Toledo and an event called “Fill the boot”. Fill the boot is put on by the fire department and they stand on sidewalks holding out their boots for people to fill with any extra change they might have.

How to get involved?

The easiest way to get in contact with the Gulch’s is through the Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing’s Facebook page ( or to visit From there, they can help you with whatever you need to know.

The Andrew Gulch Memorial Golf Outing is meant to be a fun get together for family, friends and anyone else who wants to participate! The event brings people together as they work for a common goal; to beat Muscular Dystrophy. I found the event to be extremely fun and I hope I’m able to participate again next year and so should you!

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