An Interview with a Sassy hockey fan

As of today, there are 34 days until the home opener; guys, October is almost here! We have survived (almost) five months without our beloved boys of Hockeytown. Now, I understand that most of us are not happy with the lack of progress KH made this summer with trying to better the team, but all of that talk causes me to get a headache and I don’t have time for that on the start of Labor Day weekend. Instead, I wanted to start everyone’s weekend with a smile and hopefully a laugh.

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you have learned that I’m a full time Nanny to two small humans. My oldest, Sassy (that’s my nickname for her as she is sassy from head to toe), is now a second grader and is equally excited for the hockey season to start back up. In honor of the upcoming hockey season, I decided to ask Sassy some questions regarding our home team. As usual, this child never disappoints when it comes to brutal honesty and logic. Like the saying goes, kids say the darndest things.

I present to you my interview with a Sassy hockey fan:

Okay Sassy, school is back in session…do you know what else starts back up soon?

Hockey comes back!

Yes ma’am. Training Camp is right around the corner. Do you know why the players go to training camp?

So the players can remember how to play and they can work on stuff they’re bad at.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Okay, I need you to tell me who you think needs to work the hardest at training camp?

Dylan. (Larkin)

Why does Dylan have to work the hardest?

Because he needs to be faster, he didn’t win the speed competition last year (Sassy is refering to when Larkin won the fastest skater competition at the ‘16 NHL All-Star Skills Comp.) and he didn’t score lots of goals. He needs to learn to skate faster so he can beat every player on the ice so he can get the puck faster and score goals.

You have very good points, kiddo. My next question I have for you, who is your number one favorite Red Wings player right now?

Mike Green.

Can you tell me why Mike Green is your favorite?

Tess, I’ve told you this a million times before…it’s because his last name is a color! That’s so cool and he’s a pretty good hockey player; that’s why he’s my favorite.

Watch the sass there child…okay, now answer this one for me, what position does Mike Green play?

He’s a defenseman.

What is the defensemen’s job?

Protect the goalie.

It gives me great joy to know that you know these things. Back to the questions, how many goals do you think Mike Green will score?

Hmm. That’s tough. Maybe 5? Maybe more? I’ll say five so if he scores more I’ll be super happy.

Your sense of logic makes me proud yet frightens me. Okay Sassy, last question. Do you think our Red Wings will make the playoffs this upcoming season?

Well I mean I hope so since they didn’t this last season. That made me sad. But I don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs because they played so bad last year. They have to play better and work harder if they want to make the playoffs. Oh, and they have to win more. Like, every game they need to win. That’s how they’ll make the playoffs.


My Sassy has no idea how that her opinions and views at the age of only seven, are the same as us adults who have been watching the sport for more than seven years. I’m curious to see if Sassy’s predictions come true. I hope Dylan Larkin comes into this season better than ever. I think it would be awesome to see Mike Green score more than five goals, and lastly, I think we all can agree that our boys need to work harder and play better in order to see playoff hope.

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