Tick Toc Mr. Blashill!

I have a few bones to pick with our coach.  Jeff Blashill I’m calling you out!  As Wings fans we have come to expect better from our team!  This is why the majority of fans are calling for you to be fired every day.  What are you doing to make our Red Wings better?

How is this team developing when key players like Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha, and Andreas Athansiou (to a lesser extent since he just FINALLY resigned) are sitting on the bench when the game is on the line?  For the last two and a half minutes of the game against Tampa, Jeff Blashill had Larkin, Mantha, and Athansiou glued to the bench.  Why are you skating Zetterberg, Nyquist, and Tatar until their legs fall off?  You have Frans Nielsen and Justin Abdelkader on the ice when you could have had any combination of Larkin, Mantha, and Athansiou on the ice.  The kids aren’t going to learn to win like pros when they are riding the pine.

Jeff Blashill, do you even know what the term chemistry means?   I understand giving the opposition a different look, but every shift?  When things are going good, as they were in the first five games, things didn’t change much.  How about giving the team a chance to figure it out the same way they did when they got off to a great 4-1 start?

What is going on with this power play?  Last year the power play was dead.  Almost dead last to be exact.  15.1% which was the fourth worst in the entire league.  12 games into this season and the power play is 14%.  Five teams are worse than Detroit.  Let’s look at the teams that are below our Red Wings shall we?  Five playoff teams from last year.  Montreal, Chicago, Anaheim, Edmonton, and Columbus all currently have less effective power plays, but I think it’s safe to say that they will all improve over the course of the season.  This has been going on for 90 plus games now.  Is there nothing you can do coach?

Sure we are two point out of the last playoff spot, but we are also 3 points out of last place in the conference.  I know it’s early, but how many more six game skids are we going to have to watch?  How many more one goal games are we going to watch go to the guys in the other jerseys?  This fan base expects better.  We all just hope that Jeff Blashill is going to figure out a way to do something soon so we don’t have to watch this for much longer.  I have to believe that Chris Illitch won’t be patient for much longer with empty seats in a brand new building.  Fans want to see winning, entertaining hockey, and Jeff Blashill hasn’t done enough to put bums in the seats.

Red Wing fans feel that something is going to change soon.  We know that Ken Holland is at the end of his contract in months.  Jeff Blashill better figure out a way to work with what he has to produce wins or he will may find the end of his own rope with the Red Wings before the end of the season.

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