Stuck In The Middle: What Are The Red Wings?

What are the Detroit Red Wings right now? Are they a good hockey team? Bad? What are they?

  The Red Wings are currently 4th in the Atlantic Division with 17 points. They’ve won 4 of their last 6 after going on a six game losing streak. For a team that’s in a rebuild, it seems as if they’re stuck in the middle. They’re not good enough to be a cup contender, but they’re not bad enough to grab a top 5 draft pick…right now. The reason I say right now is because it’s still plenty of hockey to be played. The direction of this team could shift either way, from then we should know the direction of this team.

  There are some Red Wing fans who want this team to be bad enough to obtain a top draft pick. The issue with that is that Detroit has too much talent to be THAT bad of a team. While the Red Wings don’t have superstars or that top notch elite player on their roster, they have players who have some skill. While they do have talent on the roster, they’re also lacking in some areas as well. Detroit doesn’t have a top 2 defenseman, which has been an issue for a few seasons in Detroit. The Wings also doesn’t have a consistent and reliable goal scorer, although Anthony Mantha could turn out to be that guy if things continue to go well for him. Goaltending is also another story as Jimmy Howard continues to play outstanding while Petr Mrazek is still an unknown for now, despite showing some improvement.

  As stated multiple times, the Red Wings issue is more so with how management put the team in a bad situation to preserve that playoff streak, until last season.  The Red Wings are rebuilding, but are stuck in the middle of good and bad. They’re not quite good enough to be a playoff team but they’re not bad enough to be a top 5 draft pick team. Things can indeed change and we are a month into the season. We’ll see the real story once the Red Wings get into the meat of their schedule in December and January when they face some playoff and cup contending teams.

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