Another Interview with a Sassy hockey fan

We’re a little over a month and a half into the 2017-2018 hockey season and I figured it was time to check in with Sassy to see what her current thoughts were. You can recall the article from September where Sassy gave her input on what the Red Wings needs to do in order to be a winning team. Sassy hit it out of the park last time, and this month she did not disappoint me.

In case you couldn’t tell by the header photo for this article…Sassy is also Mike Green’s biggest fan. As a fair warning, prepare yourself to read a little extra about Green and how Sassy simply adores him.

Now I present to you, another interview with a Sassy hockey fan.

Sassy, I need your opinions on some things.

Okay, what?

How do you think our Red Wings are doing so far?

Well how many games have they won?

They’re 8-8.

So they’re not the best team in the league?

I’m afraid not, kiddo.

They can’t make the playoffs if they’re not the best.

You’re preaching to the choir child.


Anyways, your favorite player is one of the bests on the team.


Yes, Mike Green. I believe he’s still leading the team in points.


(Once I checked the stats, I was corrected that Green is currently 3rd in overall team points. Stats are courtesy of the NHL App and )



Anyways, moving on, do you think your boy Dylan is playing good?

Well has he scored a lot of goals? Is he skating faster? Because if he isn’t then no, he’s not playing good.

Well he’s helped assist on goals 13 times. But he only has two goals.

It sounds like he’s helping a lot so that’s good, he just has to help them win more! And Tess? Why are you asking so many hockey questions?!

This is the sass got real.

First of all, you can knock back the sass about five notches, please and thanks. Secondly, I just like to know what you think because sometimes you know a lot more than I give you credit for.

Sassy gave me a side eye and sass filled facial expression, that just added more fuel to the fire and I kept firing off questions for her.
Now I need you tell me if you think they’re going to win against Calgary next game?

Seriously?! I have no clue. I just, I don’t know.

Come on – humor me and just guess.

Okay, I think the Red Wings will score 3 goals, and Calgary will only score 2. And I think Mantha, Larkin and Green will score the goals because you said they’re the best three on the team, right? Also, Mike Green is my main boy so I want him to score really bad!


Well the stats don’t lie, and as of right now those three are the most consistent helpers on the ice so I say your guesses are good ones.

Cool. Is that all because we’re about to be in the loop now…

Yes my Sassy child, that is all. Get your stuff ready and I’ll drop you off right here. Remember, make smart choices and learn something new! Love you.


Sassy then got herself unbuckled, backpack on and started opening the car door. She then told me, “If you think you’re going to ask me more hockey questions after school, you’re sadly mistaking because I am exhausted from hockey questions and it’s only morning!”


There you have it folks, another entertaining and sass filled interview with a Sassy hockey fan. Stay tuned throughout the season, I’ll try my best to work in some hockey related questions with my Sassy in hopes she’ll provide me with some entertaining material.

One more thing, if you missed my first interview with a Sassy hockey fan feel free to check out this link to September’s article!

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