The Defining Home Stand


Happy game day Red Wings fans! The Wings play their next 4 games at home setting up a crucial point to the season. In order to make the playoffs in the NHL, teams have to take care of business on their own ice. The Wings have their first chance to do so this week. They play 1 team that has above 8 wins and that is the Calgary Flames with a 10-7 record. Therefore they have an opportunity to make a big jump in the win column. Since 2005 teams that are in playoff position on Thanksgiving make the Stanley Cup playoffs 77.3 percent of the time. Therefore during this home stand its make or break for the Wings.

In order to do well during these next games the Red Wings need to stay out of the penalty box, capitalize on special teams, and establish the fore check early. In the beginning of the season the Wings have an 18.9 power play percentage. If they can make other teams pay for penalties they should do well in these next 4 games. In addition, they need to be aggressive on the fore check as soon as the puck is dropped. The fore check will take the opponent off their stride and disrupt their game plan. Lastly, they have to stay out of the penalty box. As a team they have been penalized for 154 minutes during 18 games.  Taking this many penalties as a team just digs themselves holes, and puts them at a huge disadvantage.

Hopefully the Red Wings can start the home stand with a win tonight against Calgary! They lost by a score of 6-3 on the road, so the Wings are looking for revenge tonight. I believe they will surprise a lot of fans and be hovering over a playoff spot by Thanksgiving. Lets go Red Wings tonight!


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