Another Dead Wings era? Let’s Talk.


As of right now, the Detroit Red Wings are on a 6 game losing streak. This Is not good. Most teams do fall a bit during the season which Is expected, but to be honest, we haven’t been doing all that fantastic all season, either.

Let’s touch on our fabulous head coach, Jeff Blashill. Besides having a decent season back in 2015-16, he has been constantly butchering our lines and player positions. It seems as if before every game, he decides to blend up the lines and whatever comes out Is the lines for that night. If you remember, last season he was constantly changing Dylan Larkin’s position from left-wing to center, and being a young, upcoming player we all know that must have been very hard to constantly switch and play with different players instead of the same players, on the same line, with the same positions assigned. Just constantly switching up the lines and positions can make a team fail in some aspects in just playing with different people almost every game and switching between lines. Players are meant to play with generally the same people. I personally think when players find other players that they know they’ll play with I think they should be kept together, such as Mantha and Larkin or Frk and Athanasiou. Players who play well together in practice or even just In a game, they should be kept together to have success on all lines.

I also have noticed Blashill hasn’t really given Mrazek a chance, he’s just choosing to stick to Howard. I’m not saying the reason the Red Wings may be coming to another dead Wings era Is ALL Blashill’s fault, but he definitely Is a big part of the team, and with him just doing whatever he wants with the lines, positions and goalies is not positively  affecting our team. Just because our coach might not suit our team doesn’t mean he Isn’t good. Blashill has a history of getting teams to cups and such in the AHL, he just might not be the best possible option for our Red Wings.

The Red Wings really need to work together as a team to make this club successful, and the coaches also have to work with the players, and not just put them with whoever. Our team has so much potential with the new kids, and even our veterans. We could be a great team (Not saying we’re not), If everyone learned to work with each other. Teamwork and communication Is defiantly something the team should look to enforce In the near future.

The Wings suffered a terrible 20 year era, most commonly referred to as the “Dead Wings” Era. With the way we’ve been playing the last year or so I definitely think we’re headed Into another downhill era, not saying we’ll end up having a 16-55 record, but we’ll be nowhere near the top In the near future. Having a rough season or two Isn’t always bad, It can be used for experimenting with new players and also used for rebuilding, which can always have a positive effect.

No matter what, though, the Red Wings have such an amazing fan-base, I know going through a little bump In the road won’t change anything. For all we know, maybe a few seasons In the bottom could benefit us, so many possibilities can happen with experimentation with new players.

Here’s to our future, Let’s go Red Wings!


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