Cap Problems and Trade Scenarios

Ken Holland is in a tough position on what do with the Red Wings organization. He has plenty of aging players with large contracts like Henrik Zetterberg, Frans Nielsen, Niklas Kronwall, and Jonathan Ericsson. That is just the start of bad contracts. Due to these deals, Holland has to clear cap space so they can resign the young stars who are restricted free agents after this season. Those players are Dylan Larkin, Martin Frk, Andreas Athanasiou, and Anthony Mantha.  Red Wings fans would be devastated if HollandNHL-1 couldn’t sign the future back to Detroit.

Henrik Zetterberg, who makes roughly six million dollars a year, is signed till he’s 40 years old. Therefore, he will likely be a Red Wing for life. The fans of Detroit will likely have to deal with this contract until 2021 because no team will want a declining player with a bad contract. In addition, Frans Nielsen was handed a large contract making 5.25 million dollars until 2022. This is another scenario where Holland doesn’t have many options other than taking fault for this horrendous contract. The only way Nielsen will be traded is if he has a productive year and if Holland will eat some of his deal. That will still be unlikely due to his modified no-trade clause. There are plenty more bad deals that Holland has made, which includes  Danny Dekeyser, and Justin Abdelkader. They both got huge deals with one making roughly 4 million a year and the other making 5 million a year. These two players are added to the never-ending list of Ken Holland’s bad contracts.

Don’t worry Wings fans there are several moves that Holland can make to help save the salary cap and the Red Wings. One move that has to be an automatic at the deadline is dealing Tomas Tatar. Tomas has nine goals and four assists on the season. He can help a playoff team or a team in the hunt. Tatar will especially help a team in the scoring department. The Anaheim Ducks is a team that would be a good fit for Tatar. The Ducks have five left-wing men on the roster, and two of them have zero goals. To say their productivity at left wing is bad is an understatement. Tomas Tatar would jump into that lineup and not only lead his position in scoring, but he would lead the team in goals scored. The Ducks are two points out of a playoff spot right now which says they are a team that could be looking for a deal at the deadline.

Darren Helm and Gustav Nyquist are another two players that will likely be dealt. Helm is a player who will help a team with their speed at the center position, and the ability to check. On the season Helm has four goals and 7 assists. In addition, he leads the team in hits with 75. His play would boost teams third or fourth line. All the Red Wings would be asking for is a draft pick in return. Gustav Nyquist has eight goals, and seven assists as the Red Wings wing men. The San Jose Sharks would be a great fit for the sharpshooting Nyquist. The Sharks have the 3rd fewest goals scored in the league but are still a team in a playoff contention. Also, the Sharks have seven million of cap space which would fit his contract. If the Sharks want to make the playoffs I don’t see why they wouldn’t add a goal scorer like Nyquist at the deadline.

2 thoughts on “Cap Problems and Trade Scenarios

  1. Salary cap goes up $3m next season. No Mrazek (saves $4m), no Green (saves $6m), Nyquist traded (saves $4+) opening up $14 million in the cap.
    Bridge deals for Mantha, Larkin, AA So there’s at least 10.5 mil. 1 yr deal for Frk at $1m. Sign a defenseman and we’re good for the rebuild

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  2. This team will make deals and they will be out of the playoff picture for the next 5 years get ready for the worst 5 years in wings history this team has no skill or prospects coming.

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