We Are Wings Fans, One And All!

I’ve taken a break from writing for a while.  Every once in a while life creeps up on you and things you do for fun have to take a back seat.

During the past six weeks I have had plenty of time to sit and read.  I’ve read a lot about our Red Wings.  Up and down like a roller coaster.  Two losing skids that total 13 loses and a team that can’t win 3 on 3.  So the long and short of it is we have a pretty bad team that is probably going to be looking for a lottery pick again in June.

Doom and gloom has settled in over Hockeytown.

The real question is:  Didn’t we all expect this?

I was one of a few fans who remained optimistic about being a fringe playoff team if we got some good play from the kids, which we have, and some bounce back from the vets that underperformed last season, which we haven’t seen enough of.  The Wings have been good in spots, but not good enough to gain any traction in the standings.

As we watch Dylan Larkin become a complete player, as we grumble over Anthony Mantha’s “floating through shifts,” the one thing that has stayed consistent with this team has been a fan base that loves the Winged Wheel.  As I said I’ve been reading a lot.  What have I seen from the fans?  A lot of anger towards Ken Holland, Jeff Blashill, any given player that is the cause for the loss that night, and each other.  That’s right.  I’ve seen a lot of nastiness coming out of our fans towards each other.  Are we creating a rivalry from within?

Now I don’t live in Michigan, and I don’t know what it’s like to live, breathe, eat, and sleep Detroit sports, but what I’m seeing in social media is bad.  Maybe it’s a few keyboard warriors, but it’s spreading quicker than the Leaf bandwagon since Austin Matthews arrival in Toronto.  I live in the heart of Southern Ontario.  I’m surrounded by blue and white disease.  I’ve listened to the Leaf Nation plan the parade on every win streak since the early 80’s.  Wings fans are starting to sound like those same Leaf fans of just a few years ago.  The same fans that were planning on Mike Babcock’s arrival to save their team.  The same fans that I vowed to never be one of.  None of us need to ever be “those Leaf fans.”

Do we want our team to win?  Of course we do!  We are proud to call ourselves Red Wings fans.  Even with this mess of a team that takes to the ice, I still wear something that displays my Red Wings pride as much as possible through the entire hockey season.  I know that I’m not alone.  With our guys not winning as much as we all like, with changes coming to rebuild our team, and with tough times in the near future, we will still be Red Wings fans.  Just because times are tough now doesn’t mean we should turn on each other and berate someone that we may be sitting next to on game day.

Since this is the holiday season lets give each other a gift.  Lets cheer together when we win, hope for better in 2018, and understand that none of us can improve this team.  We can be Wings fans together through good times and bad.  Lets show the next generation that we loved our team no matter what.  We are Wings fans and we can be so with the class that we learned from the greats like Yzerman, Lidstrom, Howe, and Lindsay.  There is only one Hockeytown and it’s up to each of us to represent with class.

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