Hockey & Tattoos

Hockey and tattoos, they go together. We see numerous NHLers with color pieces of artwork on their sleeves. When asked about their forever coloring books, most players say that their pieces of art have stories and meaning behind them. I personally think that is the most beautiful thing about a tattoo, knowing that a picture can mean so much to that person. I know first hand how much a tattoo can mean, and I’m going to tell you all about it. This is my hockey tattoo story.


If you have been following Winged Octopus for the last seven months or so, you have read a few articles by yours truly that surrounded the topic of my Dad and his passion and love for hockey. The thought of getting a tattoo never crossed my mind when I was growing up or even as teenager. My parents were not the biggest fan of tattoos, so I never thought twice about them. All it took was one night back in 2014 while browsing through Pinterest and I found a memorial tattoo that I fell in love with, and that is when the idea of getting a tattoo first struck me.

I could never do a “copy and paste” tattoo idea, if I was going to go through with getting a tattoo I had to make it as personalized as possible. That is when my vision for my tattoo came into place.

image1 (2)

Above is the first draft of my tattoo that my uncle drew up in 2014.

My uncle, who is insanely artistic and creative, drew up this design at the end of 2014. I knew I wanted my first tattoo to be for my Dad and I wanted to combine the two things that I think defined him the most. One being his line of work, a police officer. I wanted  his badge with me at all times. Secondly, I had to incorporate hockey somehow, someway. If you did not read my previous articles, I’ll catch you up to speed. My dad passed away in 2009, while playing hockey. He was 45 years old. With that being said, finding a way to include hockey into my tattoo was an absolute must.


Fast forward to 2017, and there was no sign of a tattoo anytime soon. Adutling, school, and bridesmaid duties were not kind to my bank account. This meant that the idea of my tattoo was going to be just an idea a little longer. To be honest, I forgot all about this tattoo idea. 2017 was filled with so many activities and celebrations, I rarely had time to catch my breath. It wasn’t until December of 2017 that the tattoo idea knocked at my door. With the encouragement of my best friend, Angel, she helped me get the ball rolling with the tattoo. December 29th, 2017 – that was the day, the day I got tatted up.


I have to give a HUGE shout out to my tattoo artist, Renzo and to Liquid Chaos (which is located in Brownstown, Michigan) – if you are in the Metro Detroit area and are looking for a reputable tattoo shop and artist, I highly recommend checking out Liquid Chaos as all of their artists are extremely talented. You instantly feel like you are part of their family. Everyone there made my first tattoo experience incredible.

image3 (1).jpeg

This is the draft my tattoo artist came up with. It was crazy to see this picture on a piece of paper be transformed to a tattoo. 



A progress shot my best friend took while we were halfway done.


What started as an idea from a Pinterest photo, then turned into a sketch from my uncle and then brought to an artist three years later…I was left speechless.


The final product. My first tattoo, for my Dad.

This tattoo turned out to be everything and more than I ever envisioned. A memorial piece for my Dad. I will now forever carry him with me and carry his love for the best game ever. I will also be so proud to be a cop’s daughter and I will always appreciate the fact my Dad passed on his love of hockey to me. Maybe one day I’ll meet on of those tatted up NHL players and we can share tattoo stories. Lastly, thank you all for letting me share my story with you. 


One more thing:

If you want to check out Liquid Chaos for their tattoo work, you can follow them on Instagram – @liquidchaostattoos

You can also follow Renzo, my tattoo artist on Instagram – @bigrenzotattoo

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