2018 trade, let’s talk.


As the trade deadline approaches us, the question “Who will we trade?”. It’s not so much of an important question to us as fans but is definitely  a question for the management The trades are never easy for any team or fan-base, t it is very crucial for us to decide who we want and what would make our team better in the future


Personally i think we will see Mrazek leave, which is obviously a very sad topic to think about, but i think its reality for our team. The only time we really see Mrazek getting played is if Howard is injured, when Howard is not doing his best half way through a game and when we play complicated and more skilled teams. That’s the only time i notice Mrazek  getting played. i think he’d do better elsewhere, to be honest. He is one of my favourite players on the team and i would hate to see him go, but i would rather him be elsewhere and actually get played than have him stuck in Detroit and rarely get played. That’s one thing we have to realize about the trades. We have to realize sometimes it’s for the best, although we may not always agree with the trades.


So far in this season we have traded  Riley Sheahan (Forward) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Scott Wilson and a third round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, we traded Ryan Sproul (Defense) to the New York Rangers for Matt Puempel (Forward) and we traded Scott Wilson (Forward) to the Buffalo Sabres for 5th-round pick in 2019 NHL Draft.


I also think we will see Luke Witkowski go, as he has not played a game since December 19th, 2017. As he has already done his 10 game suspension, Blashill has been keeping his scratched, which i feel is hinting at something. The same type of thing is happening with Mrazek, Blashill isn’t playing either of them very much and i feel like if you know who you’re trading you’ll want to keep them on the down low, and not give them too much media coverage or a way to speak in the public about what could come.  I personally think Witkowski is a very good player and i definitely think our team can use someone like him, and i don’t see an obvious reason for him to be scratched all the time. It doesn’t make sense to me. He’s an enforcer, he’s great for the team, he has great spirit and energy.


Two more possible trades could also (Rumored) to be Mike Green and Darren Helm.


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