Three Red Wings Trade Deadline Predictions

The trade deadline is a little over two weeks away and teams are already making the decision on if they’ll be buyers or sellers. It may be clear what direction the Red Wings will be going come the deadline. Detroit may likely become sellers once again as they attempt to continue the “rebuilding” process, by shipping off key expiring contracts and certain players for prospects and draft picks. There’s been plenty of speculation on whether players like Goaltender Peter Mrazek, defenseman Mike Green, and forwards like Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar will be moved during the deadline. A lot can happen between now and the deadline, however with a pretty tough stretch and the team sitting 9 points out of a playoff spot selling might be the best for Detroit. Here are three predictions on what the Red Wings will do come the Trade Deadline.

Mike Green traded for a 2018 1st Round Pick


My confidence in Ken Holland actually pulling this off is pretty low at the moment, but I do believe that this will happen. I think a team that’s currently in win now mode will take a shot at giving up a first round pick in this year’s draft to obtain an All-Star defenseman like Mike Green. Not to mention that Green is having a very productive season with Detroit which could drive up the price. While Green will indeed be a rental, I can see someone who’s making a push towards a cup to trade for him. The pick will be a mid to late first round pick, but with the Red Wings rebuilding they’ll need the picks to draft and develop those players. Maybe even package them to move up in the draft.

Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek Survive the Deadline


The market for goaltenders is pretty weak at the moment and not many teams are going to be looking for goalies unless they need a back up. With contract issues and both teams not looking to trade for a starter, you can expect Howard and Mrazek to remain Red Wings for the remainder of the season. I’d look towards the draft or off-season for Detroit to move one of the goaltenders. With Mrazek’s inconsistencies and Jimmy Howard’s contract, the Red Wings will have to move one or the other, but don’t look towards the trade deadline for that to happen.


Gustav Nyquist moved at the deadline

Between Tatar and Nyquist, I believe Nyquist will be the one who ends up getting moved come the deadline. I can see a team willing to trade for a winger like Nyquist and the Wings giving him up for a lesser cost than we expect. A contending team could offer up to maybe a 3rd and a prospect or two draft picks for Nyquist. Again picks are a thing for a Detroit rebuild. One thing the Red Wings would likely have to do, would be eating some of Nyquist’s contract to make a deal work. It may come midway through the deadline, however I believe we are seeing the last of Nyquist donning the winged wheel.

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