Grading The Deadline

With the trade deadline done and over with, we look back at the Red Wings and what they’ve accomplished or didn’t accomplish. Detroit managed to acquire a total of 5 draft picks over the next 3-4 years as a result of trading forward Tomas Tatar and goaltender Petr Mrazek. Our writers gives their grade on the Red Wings after the deadline.

Tess: My overall grade for the Red Wings this trade deadline is a B-, moreso of an 80%.
I’m giving them a B- for the fact that trades were actually made AND we got draft picks!

The fact that the Wings were able to get something rather than nothing for Mrazek was a big surprise. We all knew a goalie would be dealt, however I don’t think we all expected it to be Petr. Given what was mentioned last summer about Petr’s locker room attitude, I am relieved to see him go and I truly hope he has a fresh start in Philly.

With the dealing of Tatar Tots, I expected it to happen. After he went to arbitration last summer, I knew he would not be a lifer here in Detroit. The Tatar deal kind of saved whatever is left of KH’s reputation. Las Vegas gave us not one, not two, but THREE draft picks!

In a day and age where building your team now revolves around draft picks, I say “Load ‘em up, Kenny.”

Midajah: Everyone’s favourite day. The Trade deadline day, and what a day it’s been for us Red Wings fans. As all of you know Petr Mrazek was unfortunately traded last week (which completely broke me, way to go Holland.) and today Tatar was let go as well. I must say I’m completely disappointed with how this went. I personally think ( and a lot of other, too) Mike Green could’ve easily been a no doubter to be traded. I definitely did not expect Tatar, and I don’t think anyone did.

For a rating I would give this years trades a solid F, as we had players with less value who could’ve been up for grabs instead of who was chosen. Don’t get me wrong the picks we got for Tatar will definitely benefit us. With Holland’s whole “Rebuilding for the future” it’s not a bad thing, but I definitely think he should also focus on our current team and how we’re doing instead of putting all of our focus and money towards our future. Receiving no players and letting go of two will definitely have a backfire on us for the rest of the season as we lost two great players, but in this game you can’t please everyone. Here’s to the rest of our season, and until next trade deadline, don’t take your players for granted!

Ryan: If we’re giving scoring grades on the Red Wings trade deadline, I’d give Ken Holland a B– though my knee jerk reaction would be far worse I can’t in my right mind go lower than that. Yes, obtaining assets for Mike Green would’ve been absolutely fantastic (should’ve tried it last year too), but there’s a reason he had a No Trade Clause in which he was reluctant to waive. Getting the haul of picks (1 st in 2018; 2nd in 2019; 3 rd in 2021) for Tatar is huge especially when this year the first round is so talent heavy. Do the Red Wings still need to shed salary to get back to a higher level? Yes. Am I mad at how this deadline turned out? No. A lot worse could have happened and I for one am content moving forward (they have roughly $15mil in salary going in to next season…AA/Mantha/Larkin…just saying). The roster needs a lot to be better, but there’s a lot in the organization pounding on the door to support the triple-threat cast we have right now. All we as fans can do is be patient.

Logan: The anxiety of the Trade Deadline is over! I’m giving Ken Holland an A- for his moves. Ken Holland shipped off Petr Mrazek and Tomas Tatar before the 3 P.M. deadline. I think the Tatar deal was outstanding. The wings get a three draft picks for each of the next three years. This includes a 1st round pick this year. In addition the Red Wings don’t retain ANY of Tatar’s contract which will be huge for free agency in the summer. Lastly, the Mrazek deal was very interesting because at first it didn’t look like the right deal, but the conditions on this deal were in favor for the Wings. Therefore the better Mrazek does in Philly the better the picks are for us. Holland had one flaw for me today and that was holding onto defensemen Mike Green. Green is off his contract next year and we will probably not be able to resign him. That’s why I wanted him to trade Green away for anything.

Matt: Now that the deadline is over and I’ve had time to think things over I can finally give my grade on it. For the Red Wings and Ken Holland I’m going to give the deadline a solid C.

Yeah it may seem a little low, but there are a few things that the Wings front office did that I liked and didn’t like. Detroit managed to find a suitor for goaltender Petr Mrazek and acquire conditional picks in return. If you remember the Red Wings left Mrazek unprotected last summer during the expansion draft and there were reports of his attitude in the locker room when he lost his starting job. The two sides needed to part ways. Right now Mrazek has to win two more games for that pick to become a 3rd round pick in this year’s draft(Currently a 4th). The Tatar deal was great considering the Red Wings didn’t retain any salary and acquired a 1st in this year’s draft, a 2nd in 2019, and a 3rd in 2021 with no conditions. I wasn’t happy that the team couldn’t move players like Mike Green, Xavier Ouellet, or Darren Helm. While teams were hesitant on Mike Green due to his injury, I feel the Wings are taking a huge risk on him leaving and the team getting nothing. I also felt the team could’ve gotten some picks for Ouellet and Helm (along with some cap relief and roster room for prospects.)



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