0 for March! Red Wings Woes continue in March


So far March has been very unkind to the Detroit Red Wings.

A team that was once 5 points out of a playoff spot is now finding themselves in a different kind of spot. The Red Wings are 0-6-1 in the month of March thus far and the slide has put the team towards the bottom of the NHL. Detroit has the 5th worst record in the league and 7 points currently separate them from the lowest points in the league. If you’re hoping for a high draft pick then it’s great news for you because it could mean a potential #1 pick and a franchise cornerstone player that the Wings desperately need for the rebuild. During a time like this, playing the younger players and evaluating your system would be better.

The Red Wings woes can be pin pointed to the same on ice issues that has bothered them for the last couple of years. Inconsistent goaltending/defense, questionable coaching, questionable ice time to players, inconsistent scoring. The list goes on and on. When you have all of that boiled into one then this is the result you’ll get. Detroit simply don’t have the scoring depth to compete in close one goal games or always have a break down somewhere that will cost them. Some of it turns into a snowball effect where as soon as something goes bad, it just gets worse and worse.

Tonight they have a shot at ending the March woes against the Anaheim Ducks, However coming off a back to back against the Kings and going against a Ducks team looking to make a push for the playoffs it will be a tall task for the Red Wings. I will say however, it is sad that a proud and historic franchise like the Detroit Red Wings trend downhill in such a hurry.

Cover photo credit via Toledo blade

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