New General Manager? The W.O. Staff share who they want to be the new Red Wings General Manager.

The Red Wings are currently one of the worst teams in the league points and record wise. The roster is currently under a rebuild; however there could be more questions will come at the end of the season. One that’s looming is the general manager position. Current Red Wings GM Ken Holland contract ends at the end of the season and some speculate that he could be gone at the end of the season while some also believe he could be back. If Ken Holland isn’t brought back then who would replace him? Our staff at Winged Octopus gives their thoughts on a possible replacement at General Manager for the Red Wings.   

KrisWhen it comes to replacing Ken Holland as GM, I have a candidate in mind to replace him that I’m sure every Red Wings fan has in their mind as well, and that candidate is Steve Yzerman. The reasons why I believe that he would be a good GM for the Wings to have are plentiful, and in my opinion, perfectly reasonable. The number one reason he would be a good fit to be GM of the Red Wings is because he is a former Wing himself. He knows how the system works, and he has ties to it as an alumni. I believe, as well, that he would be well respected and trusted if he were to come back to the Wings as their GM. There’s also the fact that he has taken a team at the bottom of the league and made them into a team that’s worth being afraid of when it comes time for them to be your opponents in the Tampa Bay Lightning. That’s something that we need at this point in our season, as a team that’s currently sitting on the bottom of the league and that’s in a losing streak that’s the worst in franchise history. 


Could Steve Yzerman leave Tampa Bay to return to Hockeytown as the Red Wings general manager?

Michael- As most Red Wing fans are well aware of, Ken Holland’s contract will expire at the end of this season. It is critical for Detroit to part ways with Holland if they are to become relevant again. Holland was a master during an era with no cap but has struggled to make the necessary adjustments after it’s introduction. Couple that with recent rumors about meddling with how the team is coached, and it’s time to part ways. Honestly the man I want to see replace him is nothing short of a pipe dream: Steve Yzerman. The return of The Captain would be nothing short of monumental for the franchise. Look at how he has turned around the Tampa Bay Lightning into serious contenders for the Stanely Cup on a semi-regular basis. That is, however, the greatest challenge to bringing back Yzerman. Although the sentimental value and fan support is there, and his contract with Tampa also expires at the end of this season, Yzerman would be leaving a powerhouse of a franchise with talent across its system. Upon leaving Tampa, he would be welcomed to a team that is bound by awful contracts and aging veterans that leave no place for overripened youth to make a name for themselves. In short, Yzerman would face another rebuilding process like when he arrived at Tampa. Perhaps that makes him perfect for the job, so maybe it’s not such a pipe dream after all. Time will tell, but one can hope for the return of The Captain. 

Matthew- If you’ve read my past articles and seen me talk on periscope, I’ve stated by distain for general manager Ken Holland and the job he has done with the Red Wings for the last few years. I feel he has done a poor job managing the team during the cap era and has a very out of touch way of managing a team that needs a desperate make over with the roster. Now in terms of who I think should replace him, I would look no further than within Detroit’s own front office with Kris Draper. While many want Steve Yzerman, I can’t see him leaving Tampa Bay especially after this season. I feel Kris Draper is up to speed with today’s NHL and could help put the Red Wings in the right direction with the rebuild. What scares me about Draper is if he’ll pick up the same bad habits as Holland with bad contracts and keeping NHL ready prospects down in Grand Rapids longer than usual. Either way I believe the Red Wings have to part ways with Ken Holland at the end of this season.

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