Will Jeff Blashill and Ken Holland be with the Wings Next Season?


Jeff Blashill who has coached the Red Wings for three seasons now has a 103-104 record as an NHL coach. He only has made the playoffs once in that span and there were rumblings that the Wings would look to move on. In addition there was recent news on if Ken Holland would be the general manager moving forward. The latest report is that Holland will return as general manager for the upcoming season. This makes me wonder if they will let him rebuild the team, or they have to be in the playoffs next year for him to stay. My thoughts on this is I like the fact that Blashill is getting another opportunity because when he stepped into head coach the team was already hitting a steady decline with old players. Next year is the big deciding point for next year because many believe that the Wings have enough talent to compeat. As for Ken Holland this years draft is huge for him and the rebuild of the Red Wings. They have 11 draft picks which is the most in the NHL with six of them in the first 3 rounds. If Ken Holland can hit on most of his selections this draft class can save the Wings in the future. I’m not mad at the fact that these two guys are coming back, but next year will decide everything for me. Let’s just hope for the best as Red Wings fans!

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