2018 NHL Draft Lottery Night


Tonight was a huge night for the 15 teams that ended missing the NHL playoffs. The lottery decided the first three draft picks. After those were decided the order just goes by record the rest of the way. Going into tonight the Red Wings had the fifth best odds to get the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft. As we all know the Red Wings are in the mist of a rebuild, but are trying to move it along quickly with the young talent on the roster, or in Grand Rapids. Therefore there was a lot on the line to get a top 3 pick in the draft because that would give them an NHL ready player. Unfortunately the Red Wings moved down and are picking #6 overall in the draft. Carolina moved from 11 all the way to top three in the draft. Obviously tonight would have been better if the Wings moved into the top three, but they will still get a top prospect that may make the team next season. The Red Wings would be thrilled with Adam Boqvist at #6 who is 5 foot 11 defensemen. He is a great skater and has play making abilities. I would be thrilled if the Wings can get this young defensemen. That is the biggest team need going into the draft.

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