Memory Lane: No Longer Entitled

Playoff hockey.

It’s something that I grew up used to watching, as a Red Wings fan. It was late nights sat awake with my dad in our living room when the Wings were playing on the West coast, eating junk food and drinking sodas to try and stay awake, while also keeping our yelling to a minimum so as to not wake up my mother. Or it was frantic rushing to get home to watch when the Wings would play in our own central time zone.

It was a little girl sleeping in her Chris Osgood or Justin Abdelkader jersey the night before a game for good luck, and it was her dad wearing the same jeans every game day because they were lucky. It was that little girl and her dad sitting in the same spot for each game because they were also lucky.

It was disappointment that we would never make it to a playoff game in Joe Louis Arena, because we were hours away and the travel costs plus the cost of the tickets meant it was impossible. It was disappointment when we would miss games and sometimes even missed won games that were amazing.

To me, as a Red Wings fan, playoff hockey was something that I almost grew to expect. When the playoff streak was older than you were, it was almost something that you grew to expect. So when that streak ended, it was a shock to me. I grew up with my hockey team in the playoffs, and for them to suddenly not be, almost turned my world upside down.

Now, since we’ve been out of the playoffs for a few years, I know that it’s not something that you expect because sometimes you don’t deserve it, and the Wings have definitely not deserved it these last few years.

I still love my team to death, but these past few years have been a struggle where they’re concerned. We’re getting older, which means that we’re not moving as fast as we used to and that we’re not able to keep up with the younger and faster players on the league, and this definitely shows.

With a few years of not making the playoffs behind us now, I was beginning to think that maybe we would do some switching around of our players and front office, and to my (and I’m sure plenty of others’) disappointment, our front office is staying basically the same.

We do have the draft coming up soon, and that brings with it the possibility to get new talent up in our organization, but in order to do that, we have to do some moving of our older players-there’s no opportunity for the young players to be up of the older ones are taking all the time.

Eventually, we’re going to be back in the playoffs. We just might have a long way to get there.

But, we’re the Red Wings, and I don’t think we’re going to give up until we do.


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